The Role of Government in Animal Welfare @ HSI Global Animal Care Expo 2021

The Humane Society of the United States held its Animal Care Expo 2021 - a global online conference experience for those who work or volunteer with animal organisations, rescue groups and others in animal welfare. The conference will be live on 21-23, April 2021 and provides a great opportunity for an interactive experience between participants and speakers. 

Neha Panchamia, Member, Pune District SPCA presented and spoke about ‘The Role of Government in Animal Welfare’ with Jessica Smith Bridgers World Federation for Animals and Anton Aguilar Humane Society International Mexico. Governments are critical stakeholders for improving animal welfare and they decide the fate of millions of animals. The COVID-19 pandemic presented a situation in which governments reacted in divergent ways, leading to care for vulnerable animals and others experiencing suffering and loss. In this session, government representatives from Mexico, India and International Policymakers discessed how they were able to mobilise and improve the lives of thousands of animals during the pandemic. 

The expo featured 40 sessions on topics including medicine, behaviour and global animal issues along with live Zoom Q&A sessions with speakers and networking opportunities at their round table events.